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Despite all the international dialogue around climate change and the Paris accord signed four years ago, the world is no closer to balancing its energy needs against the risks of global climate instability.

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A technology that removes carbon dioxide from the air has received significant backing from major fossil fuel companies.

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Within the last two years, governments across Europe have pledged to rid their power sectors of coal. In January 2018, Britain announced it would phase out coal entirely by 2025...But are these pledges realistic and, more...

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Use of coal increased again in 2018, raising questions about the Asian super power’s green energy transition.

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While some countries are closing fossil-fuel power plants and shifting policy towards cleaner energy sources, others are upping the contribution of coal to their power sectors.

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While 2018 climate-change news was dominated by President Donald Trump’s announcement of the United States’ intention to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, it was also a year when the financial sector continued its...

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Addiction to coal-fired power undermines Tokyo's green credentials

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Egypt, Oman, Iran, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates all have clean-coal plants on the drawing board or under way.

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2017 was a record year for renewable energy, but 2018 will be a record year for carbon emissions. Why? And what can be done to decarbonise a world with a raging appetite for energy?

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At a time when South Africa’s unemployment rate continues to rise, job creation is more important to the majority than the issue of climate change.

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Keep pouring money into coal-fired plants and it won’t be just the fuel that’s getting burned. As much as $60 billion of coal power assets may be stranded in the next decade across Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines,...

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Although coal faces stiff headwinds in the U.S., demand in Asia is very robust, growing 5% or more per year in some places. The fact is, hundreds of millions of people still do not have electricity in various parts of the world,...

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